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Planning and Control of Robot Motion at IROS 2009

[Summary by Kostas Bekris]

A large body of work at IROS related strongly to planning and control algorithms for robot motion. Thus, the following overview cannot be exhaustive but it attempts to highlight some of the challenges that the community, and especially the members of our committee, are trying to address with planning and control solutions.

IROS 2009 Tutorial on Filtering and Planning in Information Spaces

Presenter: Steve LaValle

[Summary by: Kostas Bekris]

The tutorial took place on October 11, one day before the start of the main IROS conference. Approximately 60 people attended it, overflowing the available space. The entire presentation, close to 6 hours, was offered by Steve LaValle, while the audience had plenty of questions and comments about the material.

Slides from the presentation, as well as a tutorial article on the material can be found on Steve LaValle's webpage.


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